DTNS 2327 – The Beats Doesn’t Go On

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comRob Krekel joins the show and we’ll talk about the new “Crescent Bay’ prototype from Oculus as well s the advent of 3D sound for VR.


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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Rob Krekel, sound designer for video game that include The Last of Us and Uncharted 3

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Breaking news, people, Apple sold a lot of phones. According to Gigaom, the company reported the sale of ten million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus phones between this past Friday and Sunday, beating last year’s 9 million sales of the 5c and 5s models. That may not seem like a big leap but remember iPhone 6 hasn’t gone on sale in China yet due to a delay in approval for sale.

TechCrunch reports it has five sources some of whom work at Apple and Beats, who say Apple will discontinue the Beats Music streaming service. Sources did not agree on whether this would mean it would be rolled into iTunes or not.

GigaOm passes along a Wall Street Journal tip that HTC will make Google’s upcoming 64-bit tablet, likely to be called the Nexus 9. That would make it the first Google device to run a 64-bit version of Android. The next version of Android, Android L, will be 64-bit capable. HTC has not manufactured a tablet since the HTC Flyer in 2011.

TechinAsia reports search engine Duck Duck Go has been blocked in China. The GreatFire Index suggests it may have been blocked starting Sep. 4. The New York Times published an in-depth piece yesterday about the trend of stricter controls on Internet companies in China, including Google, Line and Kakao Talk among others.

The Toronto Star reports that BlackBerry will sell its newest Passport smartphone for $599 off contract in the US , a few hundred dollars cheaper than phones like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. The 4.5 inch square smartphone is the first totally new BlackBerry device to come on the market since CEO John Chen joined the company. Pricing for Canada has not yet been announced.

Hey connector cable and communication port protocol fans, listen up! The Video Electronics Standards Association announced Monday it’s teaming up with the USB 3.0 Promoter Group to have a baby. That baby will be called the DisplayPort Alternate Mode for the USB Type-C Standard. Aww it has it’s mothers reversability! That means devices can connect to existing DisplayPort monitors using a USB Type C to DisplayPort converter as long as the devices support the DisplayPort Alt Mode. A dock could support 10Gbps USB data transfer and support a 4K DisplayPort monitor.





News From You

swiftpawz passes along the word that Google no longer requires new users to create a Google+ account when signing up for other Google products. According to a PC Mag retelling of a Marketing Land report, the Google + account is now presented as optional during the signup process. Though you’ll still need a G+ account to do things like leave comments on YouTube or leave app reviews.

AllanAV called our attention to the Anandtech report that Samsung is aware of a problem with two of their solid state drives, the 840 and 840 EVO, that have caused low read performance on older data. Samsung engineers are working on updated firmware. As soon as the fix has been validated they’ll get the new firmware out to end users, though no ETA has been announced.

And finally KAPT_Kipper submitted the best long read of the day from Ars Technica – a terrific account by Cyrus Farivar about an Italian restaurant in Richmond, California which is trying to become the worst-reviewed restaurant on Yelp to highlight their frustration with what the restaurant owners believe are Yelp’s aggressive sales tactics. The restaurant is offering a 25 percent discount to anyone who writes a terrible review. Yelp, predictably is not pleased, saying the restaurant owners are violating Yelp’s terms of service by offering incentives in exchange for reviews. And in case you were wondering, according to the author of the article, it turns out the food there is pretty tasty.

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Pick of the Day:  XBMC (Kodi) add-on called PseudoTV Live via Dave

As someone who will soon be moving into an area that has Comcast as the ONLY option for cable I figured I would attempt to cut the cord (more or less). I have a pc hooked to my living room tv and am one of those digital hoarders with a 4tb external drive nearly filled with movies and tv shows (mostly ripped from my own personal collection because honestly who has space for almost 600 dvds in their living room anymore?). My wife and I would stare at a list of movies on the tv and usually end up switching back to cable watching a censored and cut up version of something we already own on DVD or on the pc. I did a little looking around and found an add on for XBMC called PseudoTV Live where you can set up your own “channels” and flip through your own local content as well as online content (The add on comes with a few dozen RSS feeds set as channels including a TWIT channel as well as a Scam School one). The add on has a built in channel guide and is almost indistinguishable from a real cable system and although it can be somewhat frustrating to set up once you get it working properly (I consider myself a semi above average computer user and still rage uninstalled the thing more than a couple of times) it becomes a very viable alternative to cable, I have had it set up and working properly for a couple of weeks now and my wife and I have not turned back to cable since (except to watch Da Bears stomp on the 49ers last Sunday).

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Tuesday’s guests: Patrick Beja