DTNS 2341 – Ive Had Brauny Innovations

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comJony Ive accuses imitators of laziness and theft. Lamarr Wilson joins the show to talk about Ive’s reaction and decide which one of us he’s talking about. It certainly isn’t Len Peralta who is neither lazy nor thieving but will work hard to illustrate the show with original artprov!


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Show Notes

The Verge reports 13 GB of private snapchats are circulating through 4Chan. The leak is being called ‘The Snappening.’ Snapchat has confirmed that the leak came from a third-party app that users installed to save snaps that would otherwise be deleted. The identity fo the app in question is not yet known. Snapchat pointed out that use of any such app violates its terms of service precisely because it weakens security.

Cnet reports that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella went to a conference about women in computing and was asked what advice he’d offer women who were unsure how to ask their boss for a raise. His answer: “It’s not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along,” adding “I think might be one of the additional superpowers that quite frankly women who don’t ask for raises have.” This answer did NOT go over well with women everywhere, and Nadella said, CTRL+Z! CTRL+Z! Actually what he eventually actually said was that his response was ‘inarticulate’ and that the tech industry must close gender pay gap, and sent a letter to all of Microsoft saying “I answered that question completely wrong.”

Engadget reports Tesla finally unveiled the D yesterday. It’s a model S with all-wheel drive and autopilot and a dual motor that can go from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. I get why they said ‘the D’ now. Because it’s the P85D of course. GigaOm reports the autopilot can read speed limit signs, recognise animals an dobjects and follow lanes through curves. The base model will run $120,000 list but come down below 6 figures with electric vehicle subsidies.

GigaOm reports Google released a European transparency report Thursday that indicates on a country-by-country basis how many requests it has received under right to be forgotten rules, and how many it has honored. The two biggest sources of requests were Germany and France who got their way just over half the time. Top domains for de-lisiting were Facebook, ProfileEngine.com, YouTube and Badoo. The report details the reasons for requests along with whether they were honored or not but does not identify the requestors.

Reuters reports Cisco and TCL Corp will create an $80 million joint venture to invest in commercial cloud services. TCL, a will pay $64 million for an 80% share while Cisco will drop $16 million for the other 20%. The new company will build data centers in China, and set up cloud-based video communication and collaborative office systems for Chinese small- and medium-sized enterprises and industry users.

Reuters reports Microchip Technology CEO Steve Sanghi’s warning is being taken seriously by the markets. Thursday Sanghi warned of a broad downturn in the semiconductor market. Several U.S. semiconductor makers with global operations have recently worried that industries like autos and network equipment, are reducing demand for chips.

The Verge reports that Norway has new banknotes with pixelated drawings of the sea on them. Norges Bank selected the blocky and abstract work of Snøhetta for the back of its notes, with traditional drawings on the front. The Verge notes that the money is designed in an “unashamedly modern style that the designers intentionally built around pixels in the belief that they are “our time’s visual language.” 8-bit MONEY!

News From You

TheLazyOne passes along a Washington Post report via Yahoo News that Head of Google Fiber Milo Medin said paying for the right to transmit television programs is the biggest impediment to the further spread of Google Fiber. Medin claimed that Google was paying double what Comcast and Time Warner pay in some markets. Who gets the licensing money? TV studios who pay to create the programs, and are not excited about seeing their business model disrupted by a bunch of nasty cordkillers.


diggsalot submitted the Business Insider story that San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been fined $10,000 for wearing Beats headphones in a press conference. They were pink Beats by Dre models. The NFL has an exclusive licensing agreement with Bose. Dr. Dre was in no way quoted as saying “Oops, I dropped $10,000 by your locker on accident but I’m too busy to go back and pick it up Colin.”

BUT WAIT. Spsheridan points out Apple may have the last laugh or at least a laugh of some kind. MacRumors reports a reliable source tells it that Apple will remove all Bose products from its retail stores starting early next week. — In good Bose v. Beats news, the two companies agreed to settle their patent dispute out of court. Presumably with a game of American Football.

Finally, tm204 brings us the tale of a comedy club in Barcelona that has a new business model. No more will they rely on the classic ‘two-drink minimum’, no, this comedy club is asking customers to pay, BY THE LAUGH. The Teatreneu club has installed tablets on the back of each seat equipped with facial recognition software that can detect when you laugh. The going rate is 0.30 Euros ($0.38) per laugh, up to a maximum of 24 Euros ($30.45). “I was just holding back a sneeze!” said everybody.

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Pick of the Day: Little Snitch via Ryan Officer
If there is an app that does upload data that you wish not to be shared whether it be for privacy reasons or for security reasons and happen to use Mac OS X Little Snitch is a great way to eliminate that problem all together. With Little Snitch you can set what apps have access to the internet (incoming/outgoing or both) and what can’t. I find this to be a great tool and very useful.