DTNS 2527 – Physical Denial of Service Attacks

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comScott Johnson and Peter Wells join the show and talk about Microsoft throwing their support behind using Minecraft in education. But is it the right kind of support?


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Show Notes
Today’s guests: Peter Wells of Reckoner, Australia


The Verge reports on an update rolling out to Snapchat on Android and iOS today. Among the changes, you no longer have to keep your finger on the screen to view snaps and stories. There are also two new ways to add friends. And add nearby finds anyone else who also happens to be looking at the add nearby feature in your vicinity. The other lets you use a screenshot of a QR code to add someone.

Fortune reports Facebook changed its logo. Did you notice? The a in Facebook is now a simpler “single-story” a, the letters are slimmer and there’s more whitespace. Facebook apparently wanted to modernize the logo and make it better suited to viewing on mobile.

ReCode reports Facebook is offering a few dozen partners 55% of revenue from ads shown next to certain videos, starting this autumn. Selected partners like the NBA or Funny or Die will can make money off videos featured in a new area called Suggested Videos. Ads in the Suggested Video feed are autoplay but live on their own and play as you scroll. The feature comes to iOS within weeks and Android and the Web in a few months.

Marc Gurman of 9 to 5 Mac is at it again with two rumors about the next iPhone. I’ll start with the first. Gurman’s source showed him a picture of the logic board with Qualcomm’s 9X35 Gobi modem platform. That chip is more power efficient, a little smaller and best of all supports LTE speeds up to 300 Mbps.

So it’s probably going to look totally different right? Well, no. The source images show a case for the next iPhone that is almost identical in size and design to the current generation iPhone 6 and 6+. Everything else, camera holes, connectors, speakers, mic, all the same. So how do we know it’s not just a picture of a current iPhone case? Different internal mounting structure and Marc Gurman’s trust in his sources.

PC Mag reports YouTube announced you can now watch non-live video at 60 frames per second in its Android and iOS apps. The higher frame rate was already available on the desktop, Apple TV and PlayStation. It’s not available for mobile Web or third-party apps yet.

TechCrunch reports a regional court in Austria ruled as inadmissable a class action lawsuit brought against Facebook by Max Schrems. The suit claims Facebook has violated EU privacy protection laws. The Austrian court said it had no jurisdiction since Facebook’s headquarters is in Dublin and a case would have to be filed in Ireland. The judge also raised questions about Schrems status as a private individual since he organizes vocal protests against privacy violations.

Reuters reports India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading a digital week meant to deliver on a campaign promise to connect 250,000 villages in India by 2019. Officials will announce billions of dollars in investment and plans to stop net imports of technology and electronics by 2020 with the aim of creating 100 million jobs. Before this week the main thing the government has been credited with is bringing free WiFi to the Taj Mahal.

The Independent reports that ARIN, the administrator for IP addresses in North America has become the last regional registry to activate its unmet requests policy. While ARIN has some smaller blocks of addresses available the organization encourages companies to make use of the IPv4 transfer market. Or, you know, switch IPv6 already.

The Wrap reports that the full length trailer for the feature film called “Steve Jobs” was released today. The trailer features Michael Fassbender as Jobs, and Seth Rogen yelling, I mean, playing Steve Wozniak. The movie has an October 9 release date. It is directed by Danny Boyle and written by “The Social Network” screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. No truth to the rumors that Aaron Sorkin’s next movie is about the founding of LinkedIn. “C’MON REID – NO ONE’S GONNA WANT THAT MANY EMAILS!”

New numbers from the Kantar World Panel for the quarter ending in May show Android gaining back 2.8 percent points in market share in the US for 64.9 percent. Credit was given to strong sales of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Android dropped 2.9 points in Europe’s big five markets of Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The iPhone 6 topped the charts in all those markets except Spain. In China, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi were the top three in order all with in a half percentage point of each other.

News From You: 

habichuelacondulce reports that the FBI is searching for suspects who have been cutting fiber optic cables in California’s Bay Area, disrupting Internet service as far north as Seattle. The Wall Street Journal reports that cables in Livermore, CA were severed early Tuesday morning causing disruption to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, and to services provided by Hurricane Electric and Wave Broadband.

starfuryzeta passed along the Ars Technica story that starting today in Australia hundreds of mobile apps will not be allowed to be sold in the Google Play and Firefox app stores because they have been refused classification. It’s a pilot program that requires all apps to be rated by the International Age Rating Coalition. Those refused classification cannot be sold in participating app stores. So if you want to play Shroom Tycoon 2 or Pop Pet, looks like you’ll have to sideload.


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Pick of the day:

I was browsing new releases on the Xbox One store and found there is a new, free Tunein Radio app. While I’m sure the traditional radio content is great I downloaded this app for one reason… Alpha Geek Radio. With this Tunein app I can get Alpha Geek Radio and it’s great geeky content on my Xbox One, including DTNS, what more could one want?

From Nik



Tom and distinguished guests,

I think the reason people are trying to make a big deal out of Beats 1 Radio is because of the severely deprecated state of terrestrial radio, at least in the US. Aside from the usual Morning Zoo and drive time shock jocks, commercial radio has gone to great lengths to take the experience of curation away and to make it as mechanical as possible (there are several stations in Cleveland that don’t even have DJs, just robot voices telling you the song name and artist between each track). I think there’s a really interested audience that wants a curated experience from someone that’s enthusiastic (or at least good at pretending to be) about sharing new and interesting music , especially people with access to the industry. Just as podcasting in a lot of ways borrowed some of the format of AM talk radio & NPR and put it out to a worldwide niche audience, I think Beats 1 could take what was great about FM radio in the 70s and 80s (minus the coke and payola?), and update it to make it relevant today. If anything, I’d love to see them allow people to create their own little radio programs and host them through the service (for subscribers only, obviously), but that seems like a total pipedream.

Rich from Lovely Cleveland

Full disclosure – I am a DJ on WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland (a college station) and therefore have not undue (arguable) bitterness toward commercial radio. <shameless plug> Also please listen to the MP3 Removal Squad on 91.1 on Sundays from 6-8am EST (a week long archive is available at wruw.org). </shameless plug>

Hi Tom and the Gang,

This Jemuel (pronunced “gem-you-L”) from sunny sometimes rainy Trinidad. More important to me than if Spotify, Rdio, Google Music, Xbox Music or Apple Music is better, is, which one is available in Trinidad. So as nice as the debate about which works the best or has the most users today or has the best features, what really matters is availability. Apple Music launched in 100 countries on day one. Before today if i wanted streaming music I had no options, I tried using a DNS proxy to get Spotify for a while but that stopped working. I dont see the rest of the other service going worldwide anytime soon. So even if Apple is not No. 1 in the US they still might end up with the most users simply because its available in more places.

P.S. Side note the price is cheaper here too $5.99US ($39TT)

Keep Up the good work


Hi DTNS All star League, Marlon “TheGuyFromTrinidad” here. Just wanted to share this link and I can confirm it worked (if it has been plugged when you are recording this) and what I really want to ask is this just a bug or should we be concerned about apple and security.


Thursday’s guest: Dan Patterson