It’s Spoilerin’ Time 242 – The Good Place (305), Bodyguard (101-102), Dirk Gently HDA (105)

The Good Place goes Florida, Dirk Gently still calls us friend, and we dive into Bodyguard (we’ll finish it next week)!

00:46 – Winter Movie Draft update

07:49 – The Good Place (305) – The Ballad of Donkey Doug

13:47 – Bodyguard (101-102)

20:12 – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (105)

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DTNS 3397 – FilmStruck Down

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#337 – Hackers, but Bears

Well we are certainly interested in Molly Gloss after that Ursula K. Leguin blurb, we’re mad on behalf of Chuck Wendig, each for different reasons, and coincidentally Zeroes by Chuck Wendig is our next pick. Plus we wrap up the journey that is Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country.