Top 5 things to know about rich communication services

Android users in the US will soon have upgraded text message capabilities thanks to RCS. Tom Merritt explains five things to know about rich communication services.

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The Killies 2019

Getting a new streaming device this holiday season? Here are our favorite shows and movies we discovered in 2019 (and a few we abandoned). With Cordkillers producer Bryce Castillo

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(streaming option in parenthesis as of publish date)
Star Wars Resistance – Disney Now (Disney+)
Good Omens – Amazon Prime Video
Claws – TBS (Hulu)
Booksmart – Film (Hulu)
Parasite – Film
Chernobyl – HBO
The Act – Hulu
The Morning Show – AppleTV+
Infinity Train – Cartoon Network
Mr. Robot – USA (Amazon Prime)
Hotel Del Luna – tvN (Viki)
What We Do In The Shadows – FX (Hulu)
Honorable Mention: Jojo Rabbit – Film
Living With Yourself – Netflix
This Is Us – NBC (Hulu)
Apollo 11 – Film (Hulu)
Honorable Mention: First Man – Film
Weird City – YouTube Premium
Bodyguard – Netflix
The Righteous Gemstones – HBO
Undone – Amazon Prime Video
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amazon Prime Video
Russian Doll – Netflix
The Wandering Planet – Film (Netflix)
Aniara – Film (Hulu)
The Irishman – Netflix
True Detective – HBO
American Dad – TBS/FOX (Hulu)
Avengers: Endgame – Film (Disney+)
I Think You Should Leave – Netflix
The Expanse – Amazon Prime Video
Defunctland – YouTube
Joker – Film
The Boys – Amazon Prime Video
Honorable Mention: Knives Out – Film
Honorable Mention: The Mandalorian – Disney+
Tom’s Abandonie: Death in Paradise – Britbox
Brian’s Abandonie: Arrested Development – Netflix
Bryce’s Abandonie: Nailed It – Netflix