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It’s Spoilerin’ Time 254 – Counterpart (208), Dirk Gently’s HDA (208)

Battle of the Emilies on Counterpart and very, very silly violence on Dirk.

00:42 – Winter Movie Draft update

01:04 – Counterpart (208)

07:41 – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (208)

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Remembrances of Wörishofers Past – It’s A Thing 48

It’s A Thing has been around for nigh on a decade, starting with a Twitter account and evolving into a podcast. In all that time, Molly and Tom have identified a lot of things that are…things. In this episode, they dig back through the Twitter feed and find their most prescient selections and the misses that now seem baffling. Whiskey? Nailed it. Rainbow Looms? Not so much.