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Self-Yelp – DTNS 3604

Voice assistants have been criticized for gender and racial bias due to the fact that they’re predominantly developed by white males in western-based tech companies. Mozilla wants to solve this and created “Common Voice” in 2017, a tool that crowdsources voices as a dataset to diversify AI and represent the global population.

Starring Sarah Lane, Patrick Beja, Roger Chang, and Amos

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Cell Data Is Rotten In Denmark – DTNS 3602

More than 5.3 million accounts belonging to cardholders from 35 U.S. states are posted online, DoorDash unveiled its updated tipping policy, with all drivers now receiving 100% of tips placed through its app, and Denmark will review 10,700 court cases dating back to 2012, to see if flawed cellphone evidence was used for convictions.

Starring Sarah Lane, Shannon Morse, Roger Chang, and Anthony Lemos.

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Night of The Living Scooters – DTNS 3598

Reddit is testing its Public Access Network, or RPAN, as a limited-time livestream experiment, set to run from 9 am to 5 pm through the end of this week before a full rollout in the coming months. The cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced plans to launch an “independent regional version of Libra,” called Venus. Nvidia announced its competing GeForce Now streaming service will be coming to Android through a new mobile later this year, similar to Google’s upcoming Stadia service.

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