Deep Mind Craft – DTNS 3608

Researchers at Facebook are developing a virtual assistant to help Minecraft players letting users type in requests in natural language to an in-game avatar and the assistant will carry out requests if it can. How does this change machine learning and how can players benefit?

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Patrick Beja, Roger Chang.

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Girls Be VSCO – It’s a Thing 75

Tom is back from his world travels, and Molly is back from Minnesota, so that must mean they talked about some things. Tom is fascinated by Mukbang packages at hotels, while Molly finds out the hottest tote bag comes with a New Yorker subscription. Then they discuss VSCO girls and the emergence of spritzes.

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#363 – Extremely Unbalanced

The Hugos have come and gone, and they were awesome. Audible’s in trouble for speech-to-text. But they’re right, it’s an accessibility issue. Also, the publishers are right, it’s a copyright issue! Tell it to the judge, both of you! Plus, we kick off our September pick, Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse.