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Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comJustin Young and Paul Thurrott join us to chat about a new camera pill you can swallow and a new Microsoft CEO that investors seem willing to– Microsoft has a new CEO Satya Nadella, and we’ll talk about it.


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Show Notes

Microsoft announces Satya Nadella as CEO and member of the board: Microsoft announced it has appointed head of Cloud and Enterprise, Satya Nadella as CEO and member of the board of directors. Bill Gates steps down as Chairman to become the board’s Founder and Technology advisor, with a commitment to spend more time supporting Nadella in “shaping technology and product direction.” John Thompson, who was the lead independent director, and headed the search for a new CEO, takes over as Chairman. Thompson is CEO of Virtual Instruments. Outgoing CEO, Steve Ballmer, remains on the board.

Facebook Launches ‘A Look Back’: The Next Web reports as part of Facebook’s 10th anniversary, the social network has launched s feature called “A Look Back.” If you go to www.facebook.com/lookback you’ll find a personalized movie or photo collection of your biggest moments shared on the social network. Mine consisted entirely of events of the last year including one picture twice because it was so good. Your mileage may vary.

News From You

SkyJedi pointed us to Google Maps official G+ post about some Waze functionality finally shooing up in the iPS version of Google Maps. Starting with the latest update the iOS Google Maps navigation function will notify you of faster routes as traffic conditions change. Android received this function previously.

KAPT_Kipper posted a CBC News story about the PillCam, an ingestible pill camera used to screen for colon cancer, being approved for use in the United States. Patients who have experienced an incomplete colonoscopy can now swallow the pill to complete it. The capsule has two miniature color video cameras, a battery and a light source, and transmits images for about 10 hours. Potentially to TwiTCH. Or a Hangout. Actually no the data is transferred to a computer to be compiled and then viewed later by a doctor. The PillCam is commercially available in Canada, Japan, Europe, Latin America, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa. And yes you smartypants a capsule camera for the small intestine HAS been around since 2001, WE KNOW.

Finally habichuelacondulce submitted a Reuters story about yet another credit card data breach. The breach occurred at food and beverage outlets at 14 hotels, including some operated under the Westin, Renaissance and Radisson names as well as Marriott, Holiday Inn and Sheraton, between March 20 and December 16 last year. The data included names, credit car numbers, security codes and expiration dates.

More links from the show

TechCrunch reports the company ‘FiftyThree’ which already held the trademark for ‘Paper by FiftyThree’ filed for the trademark on the name ‘Paper’ January 30th, which just happens to be the day Facebook announced their new app called ‘Paper’ which FiftyThree is none too pleased with.

Microsoft announces a $15 million strategic investment in Foursquare as swell as a commercial licensing deal that lets Microsoft use FourSquare data.

Apple is allegedly working on a content delivery network or CDN. A CDN usually serves data for download or streaming like apps, images and I don’t know television shows.

Telefónica announces a partnership with popular Japanese messaging app Line

Want Internet access anywhere on the planet? Now you have choices. Engadget reports Iridium unveiled Iridium Go, a hotspot that lets five WiFi devices connect, send texts and calls over the satellite service.