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Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comShannon Morse is here and we’ll talk about what Facebook might do if it moves into health care, and if anyone would trust them with their health data. Plus Len Peralta will illustrate the show!


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Show Notes
Today’s guests: Shannon Morse,podcaster and producer for shows with @Hak5 @Revision3 and @TWiTand Len Peralta, podcast pioneer and art-prover!


STRONGBAD AND HOMESTARRUNNER ARE BACK!!!!!! New toon. Next one? Mike Chapman told Rolling Stone: “We’re planning on doing a Halloween cartoon, but no promises there.”

You know that rumor that sources said rumored that Apple’s iPad announcement would come on a rumored october 21st date. Well the rumor has been rescheduled. Now Recode reports sources say the rumored event is rumored to be on Thursday October 16th. For its part Apple has not actually said anything about any of this.

More rumors! Reuters says three people familiar with the matter- THREE— claim Facebook is planning healthcare related projects. One idea is to create support communities for people suffering from particular illnesses. The other idea is an app for preventative care to help people improve their health. Facebook has allegedly held meetings with medical industry experts and entrepreneurs and set up an R&D unit to test new health apps. All of this is still in the idea gathering stage.

Ars Technica passes along the Wall Street Journal report that Google’s X lab is working on giant displays that are also modular. Smaller screens could plug together like interlocking bricks to create larger screens with a seamless image. Similar technology is used in stadiums for things like the jumbotron and in products like the Christie MicroTiles. However Google wants to get rid of any trace of the seams.

Recode reports that Marriott has agreed to pay $600,000 to settle a US FCC complaint that it blocked personal wi-fi networks at a Nashville resort, forcing consumers to purchase access from the hotel. Marriott told Recode it was merely protecting its patrons “from rogue wireless hotspots that can cause degraded service, insidious cyber-attacks and identity theft.” Marriott will be barred from using Wi-Fi blocking technology and must file regular reports with the FCC for three years.

The Next Web reports that, as expected, Facebook received approval from European regulators for its 19 billion dollar purchase of messaging company WhatsApp. Joaquín Almunia, EC Vice President in charge of competition policy, said that the deal would not hamper competition as consumers would still have plenty of options in the messaging field.

And Google would like to provide an alternative to WhatsApp since they lost out in the bidding war to buy it. The Economic Times of India reports that Google is planning its own mobile messaging app, which may launch in 2015, in India according to sources. The app would not require a google login and be free to use. An app like that might fit verynicely in the Android One ffort to encourage affordable smartphones in India and elsewhere.

Remember BadUSB. Karsten Nohl demonstrated the attack to a standing room only crowd at Black Hat. It showed that it was possible to corrupt any USB device’s firmware with malware. The problem has not been fixed, and Nohl had not released the code. However researchers Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson reverse engineered the USB firmware for microcontrollers sold by Phison, and reproduced the attack. They also released the code in an effort to help people defend against it and put pressure on manufacturers to fix it. They also are developing a more dangerous attack that could spread more rapidly. They have not decided whether to release that code yet or not.

9to5 Mac passes along that security vendor Dr. Web has raised an alert for Mac.BackDoor.iWorm, a malicious worm that infects OS X and tries to connect to a botnet. It uses Reddit posts to find the IP addresses of possible servers to callback too. Dr.Web estimates over 15,000 distinct IP addresses have been connected to the botnet .

News From You

metalfreak submitted the Wired story that Cody Wilson’s 3D printer for guns called GhostGunner sold out in 26 hours. Wilson planned sell 110 of the machines, and sold more than 200 before cutting off orders. The $1200 computer-controlled milling machine makes the aluminum body of an AR-15 rifle. The machine is actually a general purpose CNC mill which can carve polymer wood and metal in three dimensions for any purpose. Defense Distributed marketed the machine for printing the AR-15 part to help fund its activities in support of second amendment rights.

KAPT_Kipper passes along an IT World report that talks are back on between Samsung and Nuance Communications the company behind Dragon Naturally Speaking and of course the tech behind Siri. Will Apple try to buy Nuance to stop Samsung from stealing Siri’s Mom? Will Samsung convince Nuance that Apple never cared and Nuance would be better forgetting about their dalliance in Cupertino? Will Apple and Samsung finally confront their feelings for each other? Tune in next week on Days Of Our Phones to find out!

Money can’t buy you everything you want anyway, right Google? Sunbun shot over the Engadget story that Cyanogen, the popular Android mod, spurned Google’s advances towards a possible acquisition. Cyanogen believes it can beocme the third most popular ecosystem behind Google’s version of Android and iOS. Cyanogen is looking for a $1 billion valuation and is reported to have added MicroMax on as a manufacturer alongside OnePlus.

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Friday’s guests: Shannon Morse of hak5.org and Len Peralta, artprover