S&L Podcast – #189 – Literary Virginity, Literally

We dig into the first four stories from Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life and Others, and boy do we learn a lot about ourselves and others. Plus you’ll want to take your vitamins since Margaret Atwood’s latest novel won’t be available to read for 100 years and we explore the idea of regaining your literary virginity.

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Tom: Lipton Diet Citrus Green Tea    
Veronica: B12 in water    
From Sandra: Legendary TV has acquired the rights to John Scalzi’s novel “Lock In” to adapt into a pilot for a potential series.

Legendary TV Buys John Scalzi Novel ‘Lock In’
From Joe Informatico: The Man in the High Castle TV series has cast its lead actress. Alexa Davalos, of Angel and Chronicles of Riddick fame, will play Juliana.     
Also from Sandra the newshound! – Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel Good Omens is to be adapted for Radio 4 by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy director Dirk Maggs.    
Margaret Atwood is writing a new book, but you won’t be able to read it this century. She will be storing her next novel for 100 years in a library in Norway as part of a project organized by Scottish artist Katie Paterson.    
For the next six weeks we’ll be highlighting picks from supporters of our Kickstarter. Look for threads to be posted in the Goodreads Group once every two weeks. We’ll collect your thoughts and comments on the books then toss one around on each show until we’ve covered all six. These aren’t official book club picks, just a way to expose folks to a few more options for things to read. We’d especially love to hear from folks who’ve already read these!    
Our first pick comes from Jonathan Strickland. Post your thoughts to the thread and we’ll discuss more about them next time    
Book Discussion: ShadowShow by Brad Strickland    

What do you want to see in the store?! Also, we have a store!    
Litterarius Virginitas – what?    
For the love of Stanislaw Lem    

Hey guys! I’m a fan of your work and I recently subscribed to the podcast. I was wondering if you have already read “”The Commonwealth Saga”” by Peter F. Hamilton. I found it to be a great read (or listen, since I consumed it through Audible).

The whole universe it portrays is fascinating and I found myself devouring all 5 books as fast as I could. The last three books (“The Void Trilogy”) combine sci-fi and fantasy in a great way and I think you will enjoy it.

Thanks and keep up what you’re doing with S&L and your other projects because they are great.    


I’m writing to plug an anthology that I helped put together along with the rest of my Clarion Workshop class (UCSD 2012). We released it yesterday, we worked hard on it, and we’re proud of it. It has 17 stories, one from nearly every person in my class, and they run the gamut from dark to light, satire to serious, sf to horror to fantasy. Several of the authors are award-winners, including Sam J. Miller, who won this year’s Shirley Jackson Award for his story “”57 Reasons for the Slate Quarry Suicides.”” Our Week 1 teacher Jeffrey Ford graciously provided the foreword.

It’s a diverse tome that was more than a little inspired by the success you guys had with the S&L Antho. We’re trying to do our own little Humble-Bundle-style, pay-as-you-can thing with this. 100% of the net proceeds are going to the Clarion Foundation to support future workshops. There’s more info at http://awkwardrobots.org

Luke Pebler   

For next month: Veronica started a thread to brainstorm    
Stories of Your Life and others by Ted Chiang