S&L Podcast – #213 – Our Thoughts on the Hugos

We’re excited and fearful about a new chapter from George R.R. Martin’s Winds of Winter, we’re hopeful about new books from John Scalzi and Ann Leckie and we’re just a little wistful and/or angry about the Hugos.  

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Tom: Newcastle Brown Ale    
Veronica: Viognier White Wine    
Sword & Laser Collection Contest    
Sandra: Behold!  A new chapter from Winds of Winter    
Eleanor (via Steven): BBC Radio 4 have three sets of programs celebrating the work of Ursula Le Guin. 

Dara: Ann Leckie sold another Ancillary story to Orbit, to be published in 2017.     
Sandra: Cover Art and Release Schedule for John Scalzi’s The End of All Things Novellas

Paul: The Tiptree awards and for 2014 have been announced. 

People are dropping out of the Hugos    

Aidan –  Two Hugo nominees have been disqualified due to ineligibility  

Pssst: Aidan’s also got a short story collection coming out    

Ewan: The whole Hugos Thing   

Just a quick heads up that the Discworld Reading Order Guide now has an official Facebook page!
We are gearing up toward releasing the final (sad, I know) 3.0 version of the Guide soon and will be taking suggestions for the draft on the /r/Discworld subreddit and on Facebook once the draft is published. Looking forward to hearing from S&L Pratchett fans.

– Krzysztof Kietzman 

What COMICS Are You Reading    
Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett    
Brendan: Discworld graffiti showing up in London    
Neil Gaiman on Terry Pratchett’s inspiration
Question about selecting out of print books as our book pick    
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