S&L Podcast – #215 – Is The Magician’s Quentin Too Handsome?

Everything you’ve ever read seems to be coming to TV. Plus Veronica tries to uncover Tom’s secret political conspiracy, while Tom changes Veronica’s opinion of 1940s era swashbuckling.

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Tom: Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar    
Veronica: Viansa Sonoma County Zinfandel 2009    
Campbell Award Finalists    
Locus Award Finalists
Tamahome: As the unofficial spokesman for the Arthur C. Clarke award, I’m here to inform you that Emily St. John Mandel’s post-apocalyptic novel Station Eleven just won it.    
David H. :They picked up “”The Magicians”” as a TV series.

Sandra: It feels dirty to link a buzzfeed article, but they have an exclusive look at Syfy’s adaption of “”The Magicians”” series.

Dara: SyFy and Amblin are making a Brave New World miniseries.
Dara: BBC America set a premiere date for the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell miniseries. June 13th at 10pm.    

Brendan: Natalie Portman to Lead Alex Garland’s Next Sci-Fi Film ‘Annihilation’
Say hello the the Biologist. 

Daniel: The folio society (who I just bought and awesome edition of Dune from) are going to realease a special edition of The Man in the High Castle.

Hey T & V:

     Alright, I’m that guy.  I’m the guy that read the “”Song of Ice and Fire”” books years ago, and now is watching how the television adaptation is playing out.  I feel this brings up an interesting precedent.  Normally a film or TV version is based on novels (or in some cases the other way round).  But this series brings up an interesting paradox:

    If the Novel series were begun first, but the final TV episodes aired before the book series concluded, which one is CANON? 

     Normally we have one or the other to point to so we can say “”…well Originally this happened but in the film …. etc””  This will be hard to parse as an avid reader.

Love the sword swipes and laser beams,

P.S.  Loved the homage to Terry Pratchett.

TSoR: Is this Tom’s response to the Hugo Controversy?    
Sword of Rhiannon by Leigh Brackett    
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