It’s Spoilerin’ Time 291 – Watchmen (106), The Mandalorian (103), The Good Place (409), Mr. Robot (408), Rick and Morty (403), The Larry Sanders Show (111-112)

We’re joined with political journalist, commentator, and Watchmen diehard Justin Robert Young to talk about his feelings on the HBO adaptation now that we’re at the pivotal sixth episode. What did he think and will he stick with it? Plus, the last The Good Place of 2020, Rick and Morty, a thrilling Mr. Robot, and two more Larry Sanders. With special guest Justin Robert Young. Subscribe to Politics! Politics! Politics! for the first-look at Justin’s “Raise the Dead” podcast.

Next week: Knives Out, Jojo Rabbit, Watchmen (107), The Mandalorian (104), Mr. Robot (409), The Larry Sanders Show (113-201)

01:05 – Winter Movie Draft update
04:49 – Watchmen (106)
23:13 – The Mandalorian (103)
29:39 – The Good Place (409)
35:43 – Mr. Robot (408)
40:47 – Rick and Morty (403)
44:47 – The Larry Sanders Show (111-112)

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